Lonesome Pine Special

The Hiatus is Over

Musical relationships are tricky!  After an eight month hiatus I have found a new guitar player to replace the old one.  Living in a town with a limited amount of people to play with I am glad to have my friend Joel Fernandez on board.

Riding The Rails

In the fall of this year we were fortunate enough to take the train from Vancouver, British Columbia to Toronto, Ontario thanks to VIA Rail's "Entertainers On Board" program.  It was quite the adventure getting from Victoria, which is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, to the Vancouver train station. We almost missed the ferry to the mainland and while we were settling in, an announcement was made saying that there were no Greyhound bus on our sailing.  Luckily we made friends with one of the other passengers who was nice enough to buy a couple pieces of jewelry Larry makes and also give us a ride to the train station.  According to our schedule we had two and a half hours until the train was to depart, plenty of time to check in and play our first station show. The only problem was our train left at 8 pm (not 10 pm as we had thought!) and it was about a quarter past seven. It all turned out fine; we played our station show and got on the train for our first cross-Canada train ride.  The trip there and back was amazing and in February 2013 we will be doing it again.